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May 31, 2008

VICTORY: Ecological Internet Welcomes ANZ Bank Withdrawal from Tasmanian Pulp Mill Disaster


ANZ has done the right thing re: Tasmania pulp mill financingEcological Internet (EI) welcomes news that ANZ Bank of Australia will not fund the Gunns Tasmanian pulp mill [search]. In a statement ANZ announced it will not provide finance for the AU$ 2 billion project to pulp ancient forests for throw-away paper products, but did not provide a reason for withdrawing. International environmental protest spearheaded by Ecological Internet, in support of local protests, certainly played a major role.

ANZ Bank, and the Australian and Tasmanian governments, have been targets of environmental protest in country and from Ecological Internet and other overseas groups for years. Most recently, in early April, nearly 3,000 EI Earth Action Network participants from 87 countries sent a quarter of a million protest emails to ANZ and the Australian government asking that ANZ withdraw funding. The Australian national government was also called out for their hypocrisy in supporting protection of forests overseas to address climate change, but not in Tasmania.

"Thankfully, ANZ Bank has finally listened to its customers and global citizens sickened by their profiteering from ancient forest slaughter. They should be commended for withdrawing from the ecologically disaster Gunns pulp mill. Now perhaps ANZ will reexamine their lending to notorious rainforest destroyer Rimbunan Hijau in Papua New Guinea as well. And Australia end its logging shame by pulling Gunns' pulp mill environmental approvals, ending this ghoulish project once and for all," says Ecological Internet President Dr. Glen Barry.

"It is amazing what global citizens, through participation in a strong network anchored by a reliable hub, can achieve together for ecological sustainability. As Ecological Internet continues to raise funds to meet basic costs for our unique brand of biocentric activism on the net, we hope this latest in a string of victories will lead to increased individual and foundation support for our campaign to end ancient forest logging."

Ecological Internet stands alone as the only major international forest campaigning group working to end ancient forest logging and all industrial destruction of relatively intact natural ecosystems. We seek permanent protections for all remaining primary and old-growth forests (with appropriate compensation and continued small scale use for local peoples), advocate for ecological restoration and certified management of regenerating and planted natural forest ecosystems, and promote local peoples' pursuit of small-scale, community-based eco-forestry projects based upon regenerating secondary and standing ancient forests. This is the true path to global forest sustainability.

Contact: Dr. Glen Barry,,
+1 920 776 1075


Thank you for all your work to help create a better world for all of us.
Again, thank you and many great blessings to you that make you smile.
Gwen in New Mexico

*** "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed
us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
--Galileo Galilei

Glen Barry's grassroots operation is like the mouse that roared! Based on social networking, clear messaging and building principled grassroots campaigns Ecological Internet is very effectively positioning itself to target and achieve the environmentalism that was formerly dominated by the large international foundation funded engos. Don't donate to Ecological Internet if you don't want to see the large engo's challenged on their turf by an upstart organization that is demonstrating CAN-DO environmentalism and doesn't have to ask Pew what it is allowed to target. But if you have $20.00 and want to see it make a difference then please contact Glen and tell him what is important to you. I'm betting you won't find a better place to invest $20.00 in our future. Cheers, Michael Major

YEA!!! Good work, Glen!

Dear Dr.Barry -

Love to hear this, indeed. I participated in that campaign and it's good to know that sometimes one's ending up to be successful. Matter of fact I used to keep an account with ANZ when I was assigned to Dili (East Timor) a couple of years ago and would have been quite disappointed if they had not reacted....

Best regards,
Gerhard L. Mueller-Debus
Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Awesome Win, Now Lets go and get the Clean Coal buffoons..they are truly the last heretics standing...

Great news isn't it! We're just hoping one of the other banks won't step in - or an overseas investor... fingers crossed!

Kind Regards

Well done, Glen

This is tremendous.
What a wicked, wicked waste to cut down these forests for ridiculous disposable paper items. What is the matter with humanity !!??

Thank you so much for your work on this. It is such an important subject.
Best wishes
Sarah Clayton