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March 10, 2012

ALERT! Critical Indian Elephant Habitat Threatened Again, Must Enact Important Elephant Corridor

TAKE ACTION to protect key Asian elephant habitats and their ecosystems

Asian ElephantTAKE ACTION!

More than 6,000 Asian elephants [search] and hundreds of tigers still roam wild in South India, but rampant development and rapidly growing villages in the Sigur region of the Nilgiri foothills are choking off critical access corridors utilized by elephants to travel between still viable habitat areas. Following a 2006 national government declaration to protect elephant corridors (which Ecological Internet and YOU played a critical role in achieving), the Madras High Court of Tamil Nadu in 2010 issued an order to declare the Sigur Region an Elephant Corridor to regulate development and other activities affecting elephant habitat. Nevertheless, vested interests are vigorously opposing the order, causing the Tamil Nadu Ministry of Environment and Forests to delay action.