Dr. Glen Barry Invented Blogging, the First Blogger since 1993

Dr. Glen Barry Invented Blogging, the First Blogger

The homepage of Forests.org's Forest Protection Blog as it appeared in 1996 courtesy of the Wayback Machine

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The Forest Protection Blog at http://forests.org/blog/ has been continuously on the web since January 1995, and was the first blog ever. Dr. Glen Barry developed the tool to protect old-growth forests, and his ongoing efforts since 1989 to harness the Internet for environmental conservation have been described as visionary, resulting in massive old-growth forest protection victories and other ecological sustainability outcomes. A blog is defined as commentary upon other linked Internet sources, with entries listed reverse chronologically.

Dr. Glen Barry, the inventor of blogging, explains "the real innovation in blogging is citizen commentary upon other web content as a recognized form of self-expression. The blog format of expressing yourself, as you link to other expression, exponentially enables free speech and thought. A free Internet is central to a just, equitable, and sustainable human future." While many others began to harness the Internet similarly in the late 1990s, often as personal diaries, the Forest Conservation Blog predates them by a few years, and was thus also the first political blog.

Here is how the front page of Forests.org looked like in 1996, and here are the first blog entries ever from 1995, courtesy of the "Wayback Machine" (both pages are still online at http://forests.org//). The first blog entry ever is dated January 25, 1995, and is an action alert entitled "Venezuelan Indians Face Dispossession". Note the earliest links in articles that were blogged were removed over the years due to link rot, and the linked contents archived. Dr. Barry produced similar blog commentary since 1993 using the Gopher Internet protocol, for which the content is no longer online.

Dr. Barry remains an ardent blogger - favoring micro-blogging at http://twitter.com/DrGlenBarry, http://twitter.com/EcoInternet, and http://facebook.com/EcoInternet. His longer form blogging and essays on ecology and truth, broadly defined, can also be found also at http://www.ecoearth.info/blog/ and http://drglenbarry.blogspot.com/. Dr. Barry resides in Madison, Wisconsin, where he pursues dual careers as a data scientist and political ecologist, savoring his opportunities to blog on ecology, peace, justice, and equity - and to innovate using the Internet on their behalf.