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Proposed Gogebic Mine in Hills Overlooking Lake Superior Deserving of a Full EPA EIS

The huge Gogebic iron ore mine is proposed in the Penokee Hills poised above Lake Superior, and could potentially foul the 20% of Earth's freshwater found in the Great Lakes. Governor Scott Walker signed a bill in early 2013 gutting Wisconsin's mining regulations, designed to clear the way for out-of-state political supporter Gogebic Taconite to dig a massive open-pit iron mine in the Penokee Hills just south of Lake Superior. By strong-arming the Gogebic mine through Wisconsin’s most important forest wilderness – sacred to native people and their water and wild rice – Walker clearly demonstrates the contempt he holds for nature, truth, justice, and all that stands between him and power. Governor Walker is waging ecocide upon Wisconsin’s environment to further his political ambitions, continuing his lifelong political opportunism at the expense of others. Please let the US Environmental Protection Agency know that the world supports Wisconsin's native demands that a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be carried out regarding the risks associated with building a huge mine poised above the Great Lakes - which if the EIS is properly done would never allow such a risky venture to commence.

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