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PNG govt still paying millions to McKinsey for climate strategy

Source:  Copyright 2011, PNGexposed
Date:  June 10, 2011
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Documents obtained exclusively by PNG Exposed show the Papua New Guinea government paid almost US$ 500,000 (PGK 1.37 million) to international consultancy firm McKinsey & Co in September 2010 for 10 weeks work assisting with the development of PNG`s 'Climate Compatible Development Strategy`.

These monies were in addition to the US$2.2 million PNG Exposed revealed last year was paid to McKinsey to prepare a draft 'National REDD and Climate Change Plan` ahead of the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

The new documents show that on 27 Sept 2010 US$491,678 (PGK1,373,405) was transferred to McKinsey & Co bank account in Singapore on the orders of the Department of Environment and Conservation.

This transfer appears to have been in settlement of an invoice submitted by McKinsey on July 39, 2010 in the sum of US$528,000. There is no explanation for the difference of $36,322 between the invoiced amount and the amount ...

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