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Climate Change Forecast to Extinguish One Million Species

Source:  Copyright 2004, Environment News Service
Date:  January 8, 2004
Original URL: Status ONLINE

WASHINGTON, DC, January 8, 2004 (ENS) – Climate change could drive more than a quarter of all land animals and plants into extinction, a new study published today has determined. The Earth's warming climate could extinguish the existence of more than one million species, the researchers estimate.

The largest collaboration of scientists to ever investigate this issue used computer models to simulate the ways species' ranges are expected to move in response to changing temperatures and climate. Their findings are published in today's edition of the journal "Nature."

"This study makes it clear that climate change is the most significant new threat for extinctions this century," said co-author Lee Hannah, climate change biology senior fellow at the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science at Conservation International. "The combination of increasing habitat loss, already recognized as the largest single threat ...

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