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Philippines: Illegal logging goes on in reforestation project

Source:  Copyright 2006, Philippine Inquirer
Date:  October 15, 2006
Byline:  Richel V. Umel
Original URL: Status ONLINE

The government reforestation project in Barangay Lininding here has become the target of illegal loggers, Mayor Hadji Casan Maquiling said.

Maquiling issued the statement after Marines confiscated 656 flitches of mahogany during a raid in Barangay Balintad on Tuesday.

The reforestation project, which is inside the former logging area of Finlay Millar Timber Company, is a protected area and no cutting of trees had been allowed there according to Maquiling.

Maquiling said elements of the Marine Battalion Landing Team 6 under Lt. Col. Rodolfo Quinto did a splendid job when they seized the flitches owned by several people, including an Usman Baso. It was valued at P1 million.

Baso denied the flitches were from illegally cut forest products.

He said he had been issued a permit by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to cut trees in the province.

But Ben Ali Decampong, ...

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