Introduce young children to nature through trees and forests
Seeds to Trees Pocket Guide connects children to nature through sensory experiences. It encourages exploration and discovery through the lens of trees and forests, exciting children’s imagination and curiosity about the natural world.The Pocket Guide is designed for educators, group leaders, and family members to use with children ages 3–6. It includes four hands-on experiences to do with children in groups up to eight, plus preparation instructions, material and time requirements, and directions for leading each experience. The introduction provides guidance and tips for leading outdoor activities and embracing play and exploration, as well as recommendations for non-educators, such as forestry and natural resource professionals, for collaborating with schools and teachers for field tours.At just 4 by 6 inches, the guide is small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack. It’s a useful resource for anyone to use outdoors with the children in their lives.

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