The SFI label helps consumers choose sustainably sourced products. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their purchasing decisions and when a product has an SFI label, there is an extra assurance that the fiber used to make the packaging was sourced sustainably.

Recent research shows that paper-based packaging is the preferred choice of consumers for its environmental attributes and that consumers are willing to change their behavior in order to shop more sustainably and to spend more on products that are packaged in sustainable materials. When it comes to environmental labels, studies have shown that 52% of consumers are aware of the SFI label.

SFI also provides an on-product label that recognizes global PEFC certifications. This SFI global label allows PEFC chain of custody manufacturers, with PEFC certified content from countries outside of the United States and Canada, to be able to use an SFI on-product label recognizing global standards.

Label users are provided statements that accompany the label on packaging. For example:

  • By choosing SFI certification, we invest in conservation research, community engagement and environmental education.
  • We choose SFI certified products because a sustainable supply chain is a smart climate solution.
  • SFI certified forests play an important role in water conservation, healthy animal and plant populations, and climate solutions.
  • SFI certified forests contribute to local, regional and national conservation goals.