SFI works to promote the value of sustainable forests and build meaningful relationships in the communities where we operate. SFI’s ability to achieve our mission is directly attributable to our network. Cutting across all our pillars, our network is strong, diverse, and continually growing. It is through our network that SFI is able to facilitate collaborations that help achieve solutions to global sustainability challenges.

The SFI network is vast and includes:

  • SFI-certified organizations, organizations that use our standard
  • SFI Implementation Committees, 35 grassroots groups that help implement our standards on the ground
  • Project Learning Tree network, education leaders at the state, regional and local level that help implement and promote PLT
  • Conservation, community and education grantees, organizations and people that help implement SFI grants and share knowledge with their communities
  • Conservation Impact Sounding Board participants, experts from the academic, NGO and research communities that engage on SFI’s conservation efforts
  • Project Learning Tree Canada’s Green Jobs network, which helps us provide professional development opportunities to youth in a variety of careers that exist in the forest, conservation, and parks sectors, through job placements, mentorship, online courses, and more
  • More than 180 Indigenous Communities, that we have partnered with and invested in on sustainable forest management, conservation, Green Jobs and education projects

When SFI’s network comes together it helps SFI scale solutions and increase impacts.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers


The partnership between SFI and Habitat for Humanity began in 2008 and has resulted in more than a dozen home builds featuring SFI community volunteers and material donations.

Boy Scouts of America members


The Boy Scouts of America and SFI have a memorandum of mutual support to promote sustainable forestry, environmental conservation and wise use of natural resources through education, community involvement and demonstration.