There is a growing awareness that if we want to grapple with climate change, species loss, and water quality, taking good care of our forests is fundamental. Unique among certification standards, SFI mandates innovative and impactful conservation research that builds knowledge and improves forest outcomes. We provide a value-added solution for consumers who want to know that the companies they buy forest products from are contributing to conservation results that improve the health of the planet.

Our efforts contribute to the SFI standards by quantifying conservation benefits across the SFI footprint. This work also supports our commitment to providing solutions to sustainability challenges and informing global conservation efforts.

Please see our new science-based tools that will help increase understanding of how SFI-certified forests can be used as nature-based solutions to help mitigate climate change and ensure water conservation. These new measurement tools help quantify the contributions of the 370 million acres/150 million hectares of forestland certified to the SFI Forest Management Standard in addressing climate change and meeting the water needs of both society and ecological systems.

SFI Conservation Grants


Our grants support the science-based data needed by to improve forest management.

SFI Conservation Impact Project


The SFI Conservation Impact Project is measuring how well-managed forests and sustainable supply chains support conservation goals.

Conservation Research


SFI is the only forestry standard that requires certified organizations to invest in research.

NCASI-SFI Carbon Tools

Conservation at SFI
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Chief Conservation Officer
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