SFI is committed to building and promoting forest-focused collaborations rooted in recognition and respect for Indigenous Peoples’ rights and traditional knowledge.

We recognize that Indigenous Peoples are essential partners in any forest-focused collaboration and that their full participation will better enable us to collectively advance forest sustainability. Together, we can create a world that values and benefits from sustainably managed forests.

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SFI maintains a flexible, adaptive approach to forest-focused community investment that responds to the evolving interests and priorities of our Indigenous community partners.

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Meet SFI’s Indigenous Relations team

Paul Robitaille

Paul Robitaille

Senior Advisor, Indigenous Relations

Paul leads the growth and development of SFI’s Indigenous Relations policies, programs and partnerships across North America. He is a Métis Nation citizen with extensive experience advancing Indigenous rights recognition, relationship building and socioeconomic development.

Catherine Langille

Catherine Langille

Coordinator, Indigenous Relations

Catherine plays a central role in enhancing Indigenous communities’ access to PLT Canada’s workforce development and mentorship programs. She is from Seine River First Nation and helps ensure that all of SFI’s initiatives are accessible and responsive to the unique needs of Indigenous youth across Canada.

Mira Williamson

Mira Williamson

Senior Manager, Communications

Mira elevates the impact that SFI and PLT Canada programs have on people, communities, and forests. She promotes forest-focused collaborations with communications that help young adults and employers learn about PLT Canada’s work and understand its value in supporting a diverse and resilient Green Jobs workforce.

Kelvin Braun

Kelvin Braun

Coordinator, Graphic Design & Media

Kelvin creates social media communications, graphic design and video assets, and supports Indigenous relations communications. Kelvin is Cree, born in Winnipeg, with familial roots in Opaskwayak Cree Nation. As a recent graduate of the University of Calgary, he brings a sense of mission and passion for sustainability.


Working together is critical to ensuring the sustainability of our planet. Whether you are interested in certifying your forestlands, collaborating with SFI towards conservation or community grant projects, or furthering green careers, education or training programs in your community, SFI offers programs and services designed to advance communities’ forest-focused interests in ways that work best for them.

Connect with us! There are many ways the Sustainable Forestry Initiative can partner with and support you. Please indicate your areas of interest in partnering with SFI by contacting a member of our Indigenous Relations Team or selecting the button below to use our Contact Form to learn more.

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