SFI recognized Rick Holley, the CEO of Seattle-based Plum Creek Timber Company, this month for his longstanding work in illustrating how wood that’s produced from responsibly managed forests ultimately benefits our communities.

Holley has been a driving force behind the effort to use wood and wood products developed from responsibly managed working forests in the sustainable built environment. For his continual advocacy and leadership on behalf of working forests, SFI has awarded him with the SFI Presidents’ Award as part of the 20-year anniversary celebration of SFI’s transformation and market acceptance.

Rick_Holley_Presidents_Award_BlogHolley was one of the early adopters of SFI and has twice served as Chair of the three-chamber board, equally representing economic, environmental and social interests. His support since the early 1990s has helped make SFI a proof point for responsible forestry in the supply chain.

Sustainable forest management remains a key focus for SFI. Responsibly managed forests reduce greenhouse gases and improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide as they grow. Forests serve as wildlife habitat, provide for clean drinking water and bring employment opportunities for local communities, among many other notable benefits.

Wood is considered a renewable resource and is a prime choice among architects and builders for its aesthetic appeal. The environmental benefits of using wood in construction and renovation projects largely depend upon forests that are responsibly managed.

Under Holley’s tenure, Plum Creek has become one of the largest and most geographically diverse private landowners in the United States. All of the company’s forest ownership is certified to the SFI forest management standard. SFI presented the President’s Award to Rick Holley because he has been with the company since its inception and has overseen its transformation into an independent nonprofit charitable organization with continually improving standards.

Rick Holley and Plum Creek understand the actions we take today will determine the future of our forests. Plum Creek, like all SFI program participants, opens its doors to the scrutiny of independent third-party audits and takes great pride in supporting healthy forests, sustainable communities, conservation partnerships and the responsible procurement of forest p

Originally posted on USGBC blog.


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