SFI’s Catherine Langille Wins 2023 Skills Award for Indigenous Youth

Congratulations to Catherine Langille, Indigenous Relations Coordinator at SFI/Project Learning Tree Canada, for winning a 2023 Skills Awards for Indigenous Youth at a National Forest Week celebration in Ottawa on September 20. The awards were presented by the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) in partnership with the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM). The awards celebrate Indigenous youth for their achievements and aspirations in the forest products sector.

September 27th, 2023|

Up the Creek with a Paddle

Years ago, I was executive director of a non-profit organization. Early in that period we were struggling financially, as many non-profits do from time to time.

October 9th, 2014|

“It Changed My Life”

I just heard that phrase again for the umpteenth time from someone in the natural resource profession

October 8th, 2014|

First SFI Award for North American Wood Design

I’m so very proud to be recognizing the use of wood certified to the SFI Standard in the beautiful construction of an extremely worthy project: the Canadian Cancer Society’s Kordyban Lodge Cancer Care Facility designed by NSDA Architects.

March 7th, 2014|

Conserving Our Future Forests Through Partnerships

I’ve observed that there are many “good things” that an organization can do to add value, “move the needle” forward on conservation results, and look to conserving our future forests. 

February 18th, 2014|

Frigid in the Forests

Joe Schwantes from Wisconsin shared this photo of his local forest last year.

January 31st, 2014|


Did you know, that under certain conditions, wolves can hear as far as six miles (9.6 km) away in the forest and ten miles (16 km) on the open tundra?

January 17th, 2014|


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