Managed Forests for Birds, Phase II

Project Overview

hummingbird on pine branch

Birds require a range of forest types—from mature stands to early successional habitats—for successful breeding, and migration, and wintering. Forest management activities can result in favorable or improved habitat conditions that support healthy bird populations. To enhance forest management for bird species of special concern, SFI provided the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) with a 2014 grant to engage SFI Program Participants in development of bird conservation strategies at a large scale. Building upon strong partnerships and tested management techniques, ABC will pursue phase II of this work through a $150,000, two-year grant from SFI.

The project will focus on the Klamath Mountains Region of Oregon and the pine and bottomland forests of the Southeastern United States. ABC will work with forestry and technical partners to assess the current management practices for birds resulting from the application of SFI Standards. They will then identify additional opportunities for management practices that benefit birds and develop recommendations to increase value for specific species, in partnership with SFI Program Participants. Ultimately, ABC will develop technical reports and outreach to guide other SFI Program Participants as well as federal, state, and private forest managers and landowners on the benefits of sustainable forestry and the conservation value of lands managed to the SFI Program Standards.

This project supports SFI’s objectives to conserve biological diversity, enhance wildlife habitat, and strengthen relationships between the forestry and conservation communities.

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About American Bird Conservancy

American Bird Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to conserve native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. ABC acts across the full spectrum of threats to birds to safeguard the rarest bird species, restore habitats, and reduce threats, unifying and strengthening the bird conservation movement.