From time to time, a formal process may be needed to interpret the SFI standards and supporting documents. As part of SFI’s commitment to continual improvement of both the SFI certification process and the SFI standards, such concerns will be submitted promptly to the SFI Interpretations Committee by contacting staff at SFI. The SFI Interpretations Committee will respond within 45 days of receipt.

It is neither the intent nor the responsibility of the SFI Interpretations Committee to resolve disputes arising through certification; nevertheless, the committee will provide opinions and direction to assist parties in answering interpretive questions. Through this process, SFI will maintain a record of opinions and concerns available to both SFI‑certified organizations and certification bodies to assist with certification planning. SFI shall periodically review this record and, where appropriate, recommend changes for inclusion in the SFI standards or SFI audit procedures.

Interpretations to SFI 2022 Standards and Rules are publicly available on this page.

Interpretations on the SFI 2022 Standards and Rules