SFI works to support the conservation of species at risk today and every day. SFI‑certified forests provide healthy habitat for a wide variety of species, including species at risk. So we’re pleased to celebrate Endangered Species Day! Check out this species at risk video featuring SFI’s Dr. Darren Sleep.

SFI Standards help assure a positive future for species at Risk

At SFI, conservation and sustainable forestry meet on every acre. We advance conservation objectives in forests through our standards, through carefully targeted research, through leadership of critical initiatives, and through conservation partnerships. SFI also works to conserve species of concern, even if they are not listed under the Endangered Species Act.

SFI works with partners on the Wildlife Conservation Initiative

The National Alliance of Forest Owners Wildlife Conservation Initiative (WCI) is a new way to approach the challenge of conserving multiple species in managed forests. SFI is collaborating with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, WCI, and multiple partners.

SFI-sponsored research can help species from becoming endangered

Stopping species from becoming endangered in the first place is one of our key priorities. Working with the American Bird Conservancy (ABC), SFI is facilitating collaboration between several of America’s largest landowners to reverse the loss of at-risk bird species across the continent. The SFI Conservation Grants Program supports these efforts.

The SFI Conservation Impact Project

SFI has a targeted research effort that evaluates the conservation-related attributes of SFI’s forest certification work. This work helps us understand the conservation contributions of sustainably managed forests and helps conservationists and forest managers ensure continual improvement of these efforts.

At such a large scale, SFI-certified lands are home to a tremendous variety of species

With more than 375 million acres of SFI-certified forestland, we have the scale to make a difference. Wide-ranging species, like birds, bears, caribou and many others benefit from the freedom to fly and roam across the landscape. Because these forests are managed sustainably, these species, and many more are assured of a healthy forest home.


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